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Moguls, Don't make everything hard. Somethings you can break down in simpler steps; like how to start an online business. Often in online business, we can overcomplicate what it takes to succeed when really if you follow these 6 steps on rinse and repeat and keep things simple, you can’t help but succeed.

1. Be seriously clear on your businesses mission. Ask yourself the basic questions: What is your business all about? What does it stand for? What is the message that you are spreading? Make sure that you are leading with your business’ mission in all that you do.

2. Clearly define your audience. As you take action in your business, you will refine what it is that you offer and who it is that you love serving. Don’t get too hung up on knowing all the details in the beginning. Just start and let the details evolve as you grow.

3.Create Content Daily Create content for your audience and spread your message in a helpful way. This could be blog posts, videos, online workshops, etc. Pick one route to focus on as a channel for putting your content out there in order for people to hear your message. Your job is to put the best content that you can out there to wow and delight your audience.

4. Expand your reach outside your personal friends and family or hometown. Social media is a massive way to tap into existing markets and communities where your audience is hanging out. The leverage that you gain by focusing on reaching people through social media is monumental. However, don’t spread yourself thin trying to focus on too many platforms at once – it will lead nowhere!

Pick 1-2 platforms and become amazing at it and it will lead to a breakthrough.

5. Convert potentials into email subscribers or other retention methods. People who give you their email are more likely to buy from you. What killer freebie can you create in return for someone wanting to subscribe in order to receive it?

It could be a checklist, workbook, video series, webinar, etc. There are so many platforms out there to help you create opt-in pages and build your email list. Pick one and create a freebie that would be attractive for your audience.

6. SELL. Make a list of all the different product routes you can go down (eBook, membership site, online course, etc.). Figure out what feels right for you and go with that. Something powerful you can do to refine your decision is to ask your audience: “What is your biggest pain point that I can help you with?” Then create you product/service/offering around what you know your audience would LOVE.

You don’t need to overcomplicate these steps. Simplicity works best! Want to enjoy member perks and be apart of the Mogul co-working, co-living, co-investing community.

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