“Because co-working spaces in multifamily properties can be exceptionally versatile and used in a variety of other ways, we approach the design differently than we would an office design adhering to corporate branding, which cater to the multi-faceted business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in every field such as music, theatre, fashion, design, real estate, beauty and so much more.”


-Mogul Enterprises

Why is the #MogulMansion needed?

While we believe that working hard is key, the mogul keys to success are that building wealth shouldn’t drain your passion, your health, your strength or your creativity. Finding balance can be tough add in kids, relationships, caring for aging parents, having a healthy sex life & deaking w/ the day to day between nitty gritty stuff finding time to balance could be impossible. That’s why we created this space, women focused where entrepreneurs, freelancers, career driven women can not only have a professional meet up space with clients but also feel inspired, energized & connected while they are there. While having a fun and safe place for your child(ren) to play in. Our goal is to link smart, funny, creative & collaborative hearted centered women to each other & foster relationships between budding & seasoned professionals.


Our company is investing in niche co-working spaces — not just any co-working spaces but ones that use multi-living spaces and caters to the future of business, which is female. There’s a lack of creative spaces for minority entrepreneurs and Mogul Enterprises looks to establish Arkansas’ first female friendly co-working space, that caters to the needs of professionals, traveling entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers.  


The Kids Klub is a kids dream while mom works, they can play.

 Our indoor play space which is 700 square feet of fun, designed especially for kids aged 8 and younger. 



The sunroom is an additional space to unwind. It’s an indoor room with an outdoor feel, the perfect space to read a book or just relax all year round, rain or shine. A four season room can be used during all four seasons

Access to yoga mats and meditation items. We design our space with ergonomic furniture and the most natural light as possible coming from window treatments.  Utilize the “MM Fit Tv to do a pre-programmed workout. Offering a home away from home for creatives, social entrepreneurs and startups to work out of.

The conference room is where a lot of the creative heavy lifting is done, and where companies link to clients and partners around the world. Equipped with video conferencing equipment, which allows companies to discuss joint initiatives, and allows owners to interface directly with their clients

The Casa Glam Chic Room is naturally lighted with 3 windows w/a sunroom view and that is available for use with the rest of the home. It has a dresser, nightstand with lamp, oversized mirror on door to save space and a custom hot desk for business.






$89.99 The Mogul virtual spaces This monthly membership is billed monthly, includes:

  • information on the business directory,

  • mailing address & 10 hot desks hours.

  • uses Ability to use other spaces in the Mogul Mansion at member prices,

  • services offered & events at member prices.


Originally Valued at $199.99

In addition With our virtual global community in mind, enjoy inclusive access to online centered mentor sessions, opportunities to pitch monthly to investors, resources, directory, virtual access to live events.

Originally $89.99


The ONLY minority female-focused co-living,

co-investing & co-working space.

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